Gender Justice

Gender Justice is a legal and policy advocacy organization dedicated to advancing gender equity through the law.

For the past two years, I’ve been the dedicated web guy for Gender Justice.

Their organization has grown by leaps and bounds in the short time I’ve been maintaining their websites, and it’s been fun to help evolve their sites as they expand the important social justice work they are doing.

Gender Justice is the perfect organization to partner with. They’re not big enough to need a full-time, in-house web person, but I feel like a member of the team with the level of support I provide for them.

In addition to their main Gender Justice and Gender Justice Action sites, I also maintain their UnRestrict Minnesota website.

Support Tasks

  • WordPress updates
  • Custom WordPress development
  • Content updates
  • Website strategy

Gender Justice utilizes my quarterly support plan to guarantee their sites are running efficiently and securely, staying current with design and development trends, and constantly evolving.

Learn More
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Gender Justice Action
Gender Justice mobile homepage

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